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The useRecoilRefresher_UNSTABLE() hook returns a callback which can be called with a selector to clear any caches associated with it. If a selector makes any async requests this would cause it to re-evaluate and issue a new request. This is useful, for example, if you wish to refresh with newer data or re-try after an error. (See Asynchronous Data Queries Guide)

type Refresher = () => void;
function useRecoilRefresher_UNSTABLE(state: RecoilValue): Refresher

It is currently a no-op to "refresh" an atom, it will retain its current state. Selectors will have their caches cleared. Because wrapper selectors are often used as abstractions, refreshing a selector will also recursively refresh the caches of all selectors that it depends on.


const myQuery = selector({  key: 'MyQuery',  get: () => fetch(myQueryURL),});
function MyComponent() {  const data = useRecoilValue(myQuery);  const refresh = useRecoilRefresher_UNSTABLE(myQuery);
  return (    <div>      Data: {data}      <button onClick={() => refresh()}>Refresh</button>    </div>  );}