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This hook allows a component to "peek" at the current state, value, and other information about an atom or selector. This is similar to the getInfo_UNSTABLE() method in Snapshot and atom effects

function useGetRecoilValueInfo_UNSTABLE(): RecoilValue<T> => RecoilValueInfo<T>;

interface RecoilValueInfo<T> {
loadable?: Loadable<T>;
isActive: boolean;
isSet: boolean;
isModified: boolean; // TODO report modified selectors
type: 'atom' | 'selector';
deps: Iterable<RecoilValue<T>>;
subscribers: {
nodes: Iterable<RecoilValue<T>>,
components: Iterable<ComponentInfo>,

interface ComponentInfo {
name: string;

It provides a function which can be passed a RecoilValue<T> and will return an object which contains current information about that atom/selector. It will not cause any state to change or create any subscriptions. It is primarily intended for use in debugging or dev tools.

The debug information is evolving, but may include:

  • loadable - A Loadable with the current state. Unlike methods like getLoadable(), this method will not mutate the snapshot at all. It provides the current state and will not initialize new atoms/selectors, perform any new selector evaluations, or update any dependencies or subscriptions.
  • isSet - True if this is an atom with an explicit value stored in the snapshot state. False if this is a selector or using the default atom state.
  • isModified - True if this is an atom which was modified since the last transaction.
  • type - Either an atom or selector
  • deps - An iterator over the atoms or selectors this node depends on.
  • subscribers - Information about what is subscribing to this node for this snapshot. Details under development.


function ButtonToShowCurrentSubscriptions() {
const getRecoilValueInfo = useGetRecoilValueInfo_UNSTABLE();
function onClick() {
const {subscribers} = getRecoilValueInfo(myAtom);
'Current Subscriber Nodes:',
Array.from(subscribers.nodes).map(({key}) => key),

return <button onClick={onClick} >See Current Subscribers</button>;