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Refine Utilities

In addition to the core Checker combinators provided by Refine, the library also exposes some utility functions to help with things like JSON parsing and assertion functions.


Easily create a function for null-coercing values (with an optional check result callback)

let callbackResult: ?CheckResult<Date> = null;

// optional callback
const onResult = (result: CheckResult<Date>) => {
callbackResult = result;

// mixed => ?Date
const coerce = coercion(date(), onResult);

const d = new Date();

assert(coerce(d) === d, 'should resolve to value');
assert(callbackResult != null, 'should be set');
assert(callbackResult.type == 'success', 'should succeed');


Easily create an assertion function from your checker function.

// mixed => $ReadOnlyArray<number>;
const assertArrayOfNum = assertion(array(number()));

declare value: mixed;

try {
const myArray: $ReadOnlyArray<number> = assertArrayOfNum(value);
} catch {
// assertion error if value is invalid


To extract the underlying type from a checker function, you can use CheckerReturnType<typeof checker>...

const check = array(number());

// $ReadOnlyArray<number>;
type MyArray = CheckerReturnType<typeof check>;

jsonParser() / jsonParserEnforced()

Easily create a JSON parser from your checker function.

// ?string => ?$ReadOnlyArray<number>;
const parse = jsonParser(array(number()));

const result = parse('[1,2,3]']);

If you would like to throw on invalid / null JSON, you can use jsonParserEnforced()

// creates a json parser which will throw on invalid values
const parse = jsonParserEnforced(
object({a: string(), b: nullable(number()), c: bool()}),

// message to append to error message
'Configuration is invalid'

const result = parse('...');

// at this point, result must be correct, or `parse()` would throw...