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Recoil Environment


RecoilEnv is an object that contains Recoil environment variables which may be read or set.

  • RECOIL_DUPLICATE_ATOM_KEY_CHECKING_ENABLED: boolean - Useful to disable duplicate atom/selector key checking in environments where modules may be legitimately reloaded such as NextJS or when using React's Fast Refresh during development. As this disables all checks including legitimate errors, please use with caution.

  • RECOIL_GKS_ENABLED: Set<string> - Recoil contains a set of unstable behavior-changing internal flags called gatekeepers (GKs). These flags are gradually rolled into the regular Recoil release as they are tested, improved, and stabilized. This variable allows you to opt in to additional flags if you would like to try new experimental features.

    To enable a GK, add it to the set before you create your first <RecoilRoot>:


    A partial list of available flags:

    • recoil_hamt_2020 (enabled by default) - Switches the Map<K, V> implementation to a hash array mapped trie
    • recoil_sync_external_store (enabled by default) - Enables support for useSyncExternalStore() if the version of React being used provides it.
    • recoil_suppress_rerender_in_callback (enabled by default) - Avoids rerendering components when selector values don't change, compared by reference equality.
    • recoil_memory_managament_2020 (enabled by default) - Implements garbage collection by automatically releasing the contents of atoms and selectors when they no longer used by any components when configured in the atom definition.
    • recoil_transition_support - Enables support for React transitions and useTransition() by default instead of needing to use the *_TRANSITION_SUPPORT_UNSTABLE() hooks; takes precedence over recoil_sync_external_store.


The environment variables can also be initialized in NodeJS environments, such as NextJs, by setting process.env. Variables set from process.env are parsed according to their data type:

  • boolean - Either true or false, case insensitive
  • Set<string> - A space- or comma-separated list of strings, e.g. a b c or a,b,c respectively, that are added to any values present in the set by default (it is not currently possible to overwrite the entire set)