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Refine Checkers

The core of Refine is the Checker<T> type. Checkers are essentially just functions which take in a mixed (for Flow) or unknown (for TypeScript) value and return a CheckResult<T>...

* a function which checks if a given mixed value matches a type V,
* returning the value if it does, otherwise a failure message.
type Checker<+V> = (
value: mixed,
// optional path within a parent object tree to the current value
path?: $ReadOnlyArray<string>,
) => CheckResult<V>;

* the result of checking whether a type matches an expected value
type CheckResult<+V> = CheckSuccess<V> | CheckFailure;

* the result of failing to match a value to its expected type
type CheckFailure = $ReadOnly<{
type: 'failure',
message: string,
path: $ReadOnlyArray<string>,

* the result of successfully matching a value to its expected type
type CheckSuccess<+V> = $ReadOnly<{
type: 'success',
value: V,
// if using `nullable()` with the `nullWithWarningWhenInvalid` option,
// failures that would have failed the check are appended as warnings
// here on the success result.
warnings: $ReadOnlyArray<CheckFailure>

The built-in checkers, detailed below, allow for easy composition. This enables building more complex checkers from basic primitives:

// type PersonType = $ReadOnly<{name: string, friends: ?Array<PersonType>}>
// const Person: Checker<PersonType>
const Person = object({
name: string(),
friends: nullable(array(lazy(() => Person)))

Refine provides a number of built-in checkers, see the individual doc pages for more info:

Additionally, Refine provides some utility functions for common usecases like json parsing and assertion functions.