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Recoil 0.7.6

· One min read
  • Expose flag to disable "duplicate atom key" checking / logging, as it was too noisy in environments such as NextJS or some dev environments using Fast Refresh. (#733, #2020, #2046)

    • Import RecoilEnv from the recoil package, and set RecoilEnv.RECOIL_DUPLICATE_ATOM_KEY_CHECKING_ENABLED = false in code to disable the checking and logging.
    • We also support process.env.RECOIL_DUPLICATE_ATOM_KEY_CHECKING_ENABLED=false in NodeJS environments such as NextJs
    • Caution: This disables all checks for duplicate atom keys including legitimate errors, so use with caution!
  • Workaround for React 18 environments with nested renderers that don't support useSyncExternalStore(). (#2001, #2010)